Merlinite Therapies embodies the qualities of the merlinite crystal balancing energy, bringing harmony and creating alchemy in your life. In our modern world we can often feel out of balance, disconnected from our true selves. When we become stressed Illness can manifest, which not only affects our physical body, but also mind and spirit.

My ethos and belief is that our mind, body and spirit have the ability to heal its self naturally. We just need the right tools to trigger that process. Merlinite Therapies provides the platform to begin that journey...

About me
Hi I'm Zoe. I am a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner and am totally passionate about helping and healing others.I have channelled Reiki since 2007 and feel blessed to work with this amazing healing energy.I have been astounded at the results that Reiki can bring about - it can transform your life! By releasing blocks in our energy centres (chakras) and clearing negativity from our etheric field (aura), it raises our vibration enabling us to embrace life positively. Fascinated by the effects of holistic therapies, I studied further to gain CMA approved diplomas in Reflexology and Aromatherapy Massage. I quickly learnt that both therapies work beautifully in tandem with Reiki to provide a unique healing experience. On my quest of helping and healing I began to research and experiment with essential oils. I discovered my intuitive ability to create custom blends for my client’s, not only for healing ailments but for cosmetic purposes too.

I absolutely love what I do! You are in safe hands and will be treated in a caring and compassionate way. I work from home providing treatments in a dedicated space. I create a peaceful ambience by lighting candles and playing relaxing music. The scent of essential oils and incense creates a totally relaxed atmosphere.

Please take a look at my therapies page and how I can be of service to you.